About Elstree Studios

Can I tour Elstree Studios?

Unfortunately not. We are a working studio and have to respect the privacy of productions based here.

Can I have a party at Elstree Studios?

Yes.* Whether it’s a small intimate party for 50, or a roving reception for 500, we have a number of areas available for hire.  To make an enquiry, please call CH&Co. on 0208 324 2745

*Due to Elstree Studios’ COVID-19 Safety Policies, events are not currently taking place on site.

Where can I get tickets for shows with a studio audience?

There are a number of audience tickets companies out there. However, Applause Store and BBC Studio Audiences are based on site at Elstree Studios.

Applause Store:

BBC Studio Audiences:

Lost in TV:

SRO Audiences:

Working with us

Can I do work experience at Elstree Studios?

Due to the confidentiality and privacy assured to our productions on site, we are unable to offer work experience at this moment in time.

Can I become a runner at Elstree Studios?

It is advised you send your CV directly to production companies as Elstree Studios do not employ runners.

We are, however, happy to pass your CV on to the productions we currently have on site – it will then be down to them to contact you if they have anything suitable. Please note, due to the high volume of CV’s received, an acknowledgement email will not be sent.

Please send your CV to:

Career advice

I want to be a film extra - what should I do?

Casting Agents provide casting directors with extras, so you need to get on to an agents book. You can contact agents through advertisements in specialist and trade press. We also have two casting agencies based on site.

APM Associates:
020 8953 7377

Ray Knight Casting:
020 8327 4244

Does the Studio accept screenplays/scripts?

No. Elstree Studios is a production facility and we do not finance films. However, if you are a budding screenwriter then the websites listed below should help you on your way.

Done Deal:

The British Copyright Council:

The Knowledge Online: