Red Rock Entertainment’s Film Investment


Red Rock Entertainment Ltd are inviting film makers to submit their Film and TV projects for funding consideration 


Criteria Required

You must be a UK production company, although the Film or TV series can be made outside of the UK

You must have a commercially viable production proposal for Film or TV.

At least 80% of the finance must already be in place

In order for Red Rock Entertainment, to properly evaluate the project you should include the following with your submission 

A developed script

Sales estimates provided by a reputable sales agent, including details of any pre-sales

Document containing synopsis, biography of the key players including cast, producers, writers, and director. List of all other companies that have signed up to the project i.e. Casting Agent, Post Production, and Sales Agents etc. 

A proposed budget and finance structure

Mood Reel and Storyboard where applicable



We no longer invest in Horror, Psychological thrillers and Supernatural films.  

Supporting vimeo links & MP4 formats of supporting mood boards for visual & narrative influences are also accepted.

Please send submissions to Gary Collins

Red Rock Entertainment IMDB page


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