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Brand Infusion is a Prop & Product Placement Agency which supplies brands as ‘Props’ within UK produced television programmes & feature films.  We are based at Elstree Studios, London’s No.1 TV & Film Studio.


Prop Placement

We supply productions with a wide range of product & POS material for dressing & ‘hero’ placements, including vehicles.  Supply is made free-of-charge to any studio or location in the UK.  All programme genres are covered, including serial drama, drama, situation comedy, factual/reality, documentary, gameshow & feature films.  All major UK Broadcasters are accessed, including subscription channels such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Exposure is measurable, unavoidable and 100% viewable, offers access to the BBC and can be amplified via social media platforms.


Product Placement

For feature films & television productions which broadcast on the commercial channels and SVOD, we broker Product Placement deals.  This offers a brand the ability to tie-in guaranteed embedded content with sponsorship, digital and spot buying alignments.


For all enquiries, please contact:


John Kellaway

  1. 020 8324 2314
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