COVID-19 and Health & Safety

Safety has positive benefits to the organisation and that commitment to high levels of practice ensures a safe working environment at Elstree Studios.

A positive culture is encouraged within the organisation and by all those using Elstree Studios. EFS acknowledges its responsibility in respect of persons other than its own employees, whether members of the public, productions, tenants, employees of contacting companies or delegates (third parties).

It is the responsibility of all third parties to manage their own health and safety and that of their visitors with regard to all activities. In order to achieve its aim of a safe and healthy environment, EFS requires the co-operation and commitment of all those who work at and attend the site with regard to health and safety matters.

EFS consider health and safety a “living environment” and best endeavours are made to ensure that changes in circumstances, legislation or new technology are properly accounted for and incorporated accordingly.

Any planned activity that could have an implication on the health and safety of others at Elstree Studios should be reported in advance to EFS.

Please see our COVID-19 Site Safety Booklet on this page with information on the measures Elstree Studios is putting in place to protect the safety of all those working on and entering the site.