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The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Dr. Phibes is hideously deformed and wears a rubber mask to disguise this fact. He is also very determined to avenge his wifes death by murdering the medical team whom…

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The Adventurers

Based on Harold Robbins’ best-seller about a sleazy, sexually manipulative playboy who uses a string of wealthy women to make money. Starring: Bekim Fehmiu.…

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Alfie Darling

Alfie is an incorrigible womaniser who uses his trucking job as a way to commute from woman to woman across the country. However, he ends up falling for a magazine…

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Are You Being Served

A film version of the British sitcom of the same name. The employees of the department store are sent on a summer holiday together. Starring: Frank Thornton, John Inman.…

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The Albert Walker Story

Based on the book ‘Nothing Sacred’ by Alan Cairns about a businessman who murders a man and steals his identity. A police investigation ensues when a body is fished out…

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The Magic Box

An all-star film made by the film industry as part of its contribution to the Festival of Britain.It features just about every well known actor of the period.…

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