Our Guidelines

At Elstree Studios, safety is our primary concern during this outbreak of COVID-19. If entering the site, you must adhere to the following guidelines to protect the safety of yourself and others. Government guidelines must be adhered to in any event.


Security at Elstree

Security must be notified in advance of access and client crew and cast lists must be provided.

For Pedestrians: there is an intercom and lock at the front gate and at the Gatehouse. Passes must be shown to Security at the Gatehouse window and Security can be spoken to via the intercom.

For Drivers: the ANPR system will allow access for drivers with booked spaces but all passes and authorisation must be shown in advance of entering site.

Client crew and visitors must be aware before visiting Elstree Studios of the site guidelines herein contained.

Hygiene and social distancing

Please frequently wash your hands.

Hand-sanitising stations are placed across site.

Adhere to social distancing measures, keep 2 metres away from other people.

Smokers must not smoke outside office buildings. The green area near the Powerhouse is to be zoned and used as a smoking area temporarily. A marked out area to the rear of site, near the backlot, can also be used for smoking.

Clients and tenants are responsible for the general health and safety of their own respective areas.

EFS are not responsible for any health and safety breaches by a tenant or client.


Clients are responsible for health and safety within their stages but must include within their risk assessment a section on measures taken for COVID-19. A copy of this must be given to Elstree Studios Management.

If possible, all large meetings are to be held virtually.

All deliveries will be stored in a gazebo next to Security and must be collected by a client or tenant representative. Food deliveries must be collected by a client or tenant representative.

Barriers on site will indicate restricted areas and zones.

All visitors, cast and crew must be authorised and Security and Elstree Studios Management must be notified in advance.


Masks or face coverings are to be worn in communal areas at all times. Communal areas on site are roads, toilets, corridors and shared kitchens.

If a client or tenant representative is found not wearing a mask in these areas, they will first receive a reminder and, if they repeatedly fail to adhere to site guidelines, may be asked to leave.