Elstree Studios Congratulates Barking & Dagenham Council and Hackman Capital Partners as they announce new Dagenham Film Studio Complex


The major new film studios will see 12 Sound Stages built alongside backlot space, production offices and workshops. It is estimated that the new site will create 1,200 jobs and contribute £35m per year to the local economy. US property developer, Hackman Capital Partners are investing in the project.


This brilliant news for the film & TV industry reflects the need for more studio space in the UK. Sky Studios have also announced the construction of a Studio complex in Borehamwood – ‘Sky Studios Elstree’ – and Elstree Studios are embarking on building two new ‘Super Stages’ which will open for bookings in 2022.


Elstree Studios’ Managing Director, Roger Morris, said: “This is another important development for the UK Film and TV industry. In the middle of a pandemic that’s currently decimating parts of the creative industry, this year we have seen a major investment in Sky Studios Elstree, which will be a very large studio complex with major stages and support facilities, two brand new large stages at Elstree Studios and now Dagenham Studios’ announcement. It will mean more jobs in the film and TV sector, more money into the economy, all just when we need it.”