Harry Brown © Peapie Films.
Daniel Barber :: Director - Harry Brown »

" Elstree Studios were fantastic to do business with throughout the production of Harry Brown. Their excellent staff and the seamless service they provided allowed myself, the crew and cast to simply focus on shooting the best film possible. Everything else was taken care of. Given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Elstree Studios again. "

Your Face Sounds Familiar © Initial (an Endemol UK Company) 2013
Philippe Luzy :: Production Executive - Your Face Sounds Familiar »

" George Lucas Stage 1 was the perfect home for our new live entertainment series Your Face Sounds Familiar, ITV. With it's colossal 15,000 sq.ft. of space, attached to 3 floors of exclusive facilities comprising of a mix of Star dressing rooms, make up, wardrobe and offices, along with access to ample car park space, all enabling us to house our entire production just under one roof. We also had added bonus of flexibility Elstree Studios has on offer including large dance rehearsal spaces, fully operational post production studio & green screen stage, all situated a stone throw away in the adjacent Maxwell building. But above all, what makes Elstree Studios so unique and special are all the dedicated Elstree Studios staff, attentive to all our needs and offering us the support and flexibility a large scale weekly live production requires. "

© The War of the Worlds - Alive on Stage
Richard ‘Wez’ Wearing :: Tour/Production Manager - Chase and Status »

" Elstree Studios: Fabulous place and people. Always found it to be a very well set up, secure rehearsal facility for both large and small touring productions. The staff are very flexible and accommodating and are more than willing to make sure our time there is as trouble free as possible. Plenty of dressing rooms and production offices, plenty of parking for both trucks and cars and onsite catering if needed. Makes my life so much more easier. "

Paddington © Studio Canal
Tim Wellspring :: Unit Production Manager - Paddington Bear »

" I am always very happy at Elstree Film Studios. All the team really looked after the bear and we had a very successful shoot over half a year. The team at Elstree will always bend over backwards and really try to change things when plans change (which they always do) and I have been so grateful many times for the professional, friendly and flexible approach they have. There is never 'we can't do that', it is always 'how can we make it work' which with the pressures of film making you just need to know that key spaces like the stages will help out if they can. Our offices in the Enigma building were excellent and Elstree allowed me to tailor them to my designs to make them function really efficiently. I'll be back! "

Elstree Studios
Moira Ross :: Executive Producer - The Voice »

" Elstree offers fantastic facilities. The team moved here three weeks ago [March 2014] from our office base in North London and it has been seamless. "

Elstree Studios
James Fuller :: Producer - Gucci Bamboo (Commercial) »

" I love working at Elstree firstly because of the heritage, it's amazing to shoot on the same stages that some of he greatest films of all time have been made. Secondly I have never worked in a studio more hospitable, friendly and accommodating than Elstree. "

Elstree Studios
Chris Vaughan :: The Production Office Ltd. - Sarah Brightman, Pop Idol, The Tour, Take That and Muse »

" I was fortunate enough to be the first person to use Elstree Studios for Band Rehearsals in 2001 with Sarah Brightman, after which almost every major tour which The Production Office has produced has started at Elstree. George Lucas stages 1 and 2 are perfect for rehearsing Arena size tours, and the facilities and infrastructure are excellent. Its secure location have allowed us to develop the biggest tours in total secrecy. "

© Andy Franks
Andy Franks :: Tour Manager - Coldplay, Robbie Williams »

" I have used the facilities at Elstree and found them to be first rate for large touring productions. The office and back up facilities are brilliant, and first class, and the staff a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate in using Elstree for any tour I was working on. "

Elstree Studios
Richard Young :: Production Manager - Radiohead »

" Elstree Studios made a challenging month possible. Flexibility and a can do attitude helped me deal with a couple of curve balls. A great facility with no fuss. I'll be back very soon. "

Dancing on Ice © ITV
Glenn Coomber :: Executive Producer - Dancing on Ice »

" I am delighted that Dancing On Ice is returning to Elstree Studios. The flexibility of your staff and facilities perfectly suit the ever changing needs of a show such as ours and without doubt Stage 2 is the best place in the country for the huge scale of our ice world! We are excited to be coming home, and are looking forward to working with you to make Dancing On Ice 2012 the best it has ever been. "

© Channel 5 Broadcasting 2013
Sandra Smith :: Head of Production - Big Brother »

" Elstree Studios is a great location for Big Brother. We have a complex technical operation set up within our new Big Brother Village. The Big Brother house is monitored 24 hours a day, and we have more than two live transmissions from the studio every day - 7 days per week. We have very large audiences for Big Brother and it's easy for them to get to by public transport. This is also an ideal location for all production and technical staff. "

© Speaking Film Limited
Peter Heslop :: Co-Producer - The King's Speech »

" Elstree is a great place to set up a production. The management are accessible, understanding and helpful in dealing with the problems that will arise during the course of a production. Even the backroom staff make themselves visible so you know who to contact when the smallest things go wrong. A good atmosphere to work in. "

Elstree Studios
Mark Mostyn :: UPM - Sherlock Holmes II »

" Having based Sherlock Holmes II at Elstree and spent the best part of a year successfully utilising most areas of the Studio, I will certainly look forward to returning. The whole experience has been very favourable and to be working with a studio administration who are always so approachable, positive and willing to help overcome the unforeseen problems that inevitably arise, has been a great bonus. "

The World's End, Laurie Sparham © Universal Pictures
James Biddle :: Executive Producer - The World's End »

" Elstree studios was the perfect home for The World's End. We needed three large stages with good height and excellent lighting grids. We required spacious, fully serviced production offices, a huge variety of workshops and first class dressing rooms. All of these needed to be easily accessible from Central London by public transport and within reach of the excellent locations in Hertfordshire. As always the team at Elstree bent over backwards to help us at every stage of the process, and no request was ever too much to ask. We look forward to returning very soon! "

The World's End, Laurie Sparham © Universal Pictures
Simon Pegg :: Actor - The World's End »

" Working at Elstree Studios was a real honour for me. Growing up as a fan of Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, I was very aware of Elstree as the place where my favourite films we made. As I matured into a fan of cinema, I discovered the illustrious list of classic films that were created at this legendary studio complex. Getting to make my own film there was truly significant even for me. Knowing I was working on the same sound stages that had housed the Millennium Falcon or the Well of the Souls was a genuine thrill. Elstree is and ever will be an essential part of the British Film Industry's DNA. "

Elstree Studios
Nick Goldsmith :: Producer - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Son of Rambow »

" After growing up in Elstree and visiting the Studios as a kid, it was really special to come back and actually shoot our first film here. Hitchhikers was an amazing experience for us, and Elstree studios became our home for most of that year. So much so, that when we made our next film Son of Rambow, it did not take much time to decide to base ourselves at Elstree once again! "

Alex Bailey © 2007 Universal Pictures
Justin Chadwick :: Director - The Other Boleyn Girl »

" I shot my first TV Film drama at Elstree so it was great to shoot my first feature there. The Studio has an intimate and friendly atmosphere with great facilities and staff. I look forward to returning! "

Alex Bailey © 2007 Universal Pictures
Mark Cooper :: Co Producer - Amazing Grace and The Other Boleyn Girl »

" I really like the fact that Elstree is the only independent major film studios in London and can give a very personal and boutique service to the more demanding producers today in the British Film Industry. "

Alex Bailey © 2007 Universal Pictures
Eric Bana :: Actor - The Other Boleyn Girl »

" I found the facilities at Elstree way above what I'm used to experiencing elsewhere. The dressing rooms were like a second home and really added to the enjoyment of the shoot. "

1408, Photo by David Appleby © Dimension Films, 2007
Mikael Håfström :: Director - Derailed and 1408 »

" After a great experience shooting Derailed at Elstree it was just natural for me to come back with 1408. That's what we all wanted to do. There is also a fun historic twist to this: Stanley Kubrick shot The Shining at Elstree 25 years ago. And here we are with another Stephen King story about a writer and a spooky hotel! So it was bit like coming home again; the professionalism of the people in charge and a "family atmosphere" are the reasons we will soon be back again. There are still a lot of stories to be told. "

1408, Photo by David Appleby © Dimension Films, 2007
Lorenzo DiBonaventura :: Producer - Derailed and 1408 »

" Among Elstree's many attributes is a family-like environment that helps make the filmmaking process more congenial and more productive. "

Dancing on Ice © ITV
Paul Kirrage :: Director - Dancing on Ice »

" I have the most enjoyable time working at Elstree. Without exception all of your people are fabulous! They are friendly, helpful and efficient which makes it a pleasure working there. The stage is ideal for our production. As the demand for programming mushroomed and the numbers of people involved increased, your facilities coped with it all admirably and we feel very comfortable in our quot;ice homequot; on stage 2. "

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? © Courtesy of 2waytraffic
Steve Springford :: Production Manager - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? »

" Using Elstree Film Studios as a permanent base and home for the UK production of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has been a tremendous success not least in terms of allowing us to accommodate large numbers of contestants, crews and audiences with ease and efficiency. The back-up from the support staff is superb and help is always at hand when we need it. "

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? © Courtesy of 2waytraffic
Chris Tarrant :: Presenter - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? »

" The Studio people at Elstree have been fantastic over the years. It has almost become a second home for myself, the producers and the crew. We've now done around 400 programmes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and the facilities, the back up and most important of all the bar staff couldn't be more friendly or hardworking. We've had a fantastic time at Elstree and we hope to continue working there for many more years to come. "

© Channel 5 Broadcasting 2013
Davina McCall :: Presenter - Big Brother »

" I have the same dressing room as Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston... it's worth coming back just for that!!! I love it at Elstree because I've had so many really happy times here. I also live in hope of meeting the Tweenies... you never know! "

Elstree Studios
Celia Costas :: Executive Producer - Closer »

" I will never forget the gracious reception that I received from Elstree in my many preliminary phone calls from America. You made me feel confident that whatever my needs or particular problems were, you would give them your up most consideration. The experience of preparing to film in London improved exceptionally once we made the decision to shoot at Elstree. Stages 1 and 2 are among the best available in London and the support space was outstanding, from our wonderful production offices to the new beautifully appointed dressing rooms. I have shot all over the United States and in several foreign countries and can say I have never been happier nor been treated better. "

Elstree Studios
Helen Cadwallader :: Director - Wish Films »

" Iain, Will and I are coming up to our 10 year Anniversary at Elstree Studios and we hope to celebrate our 20th Anniversary here too! "

© Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.
Rick McCallum :: Producer - Star Wars »

" We were thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Elstree Studios and to once again work with Britain's great technicians. In truth, for us all stages are pretty much the same. What distinguishes one studio from another is the people who run it. At Elstree the Studios provided us with the most efficient, organised and dedicated team, who were always able to adapt and respond immediately to our complex and technically challenging production requirements. "

Elstree Studios
Martin Freeman :: Actor - The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy »

" Filming at Elstree was a real pleasure. Not only was it near for me as a North Londoner, but the whole atmosphere was professional and friendly. The dressing rooms are a treat too - nicer than most hotels! "

© Channel 5 Broadcasting 2013
Petrina Good :: Director of Production - Big Brother »

" Elstree Studios is a great location for Big Brother. We have very large audiences for Big Brother and it's easy for them to get to by public transport. We have a complex technical operation with not only the Big Brother house being live 24 hours a day, but we also have two other areas that we use and this requires a considerable production team working seven days a week. "

Dancing on Ice © ITV
Alan Williams :: Line Producer - Dancing On Ice »

" Elstree Studios has been home to Dancing on Ice from the very beginning, the show is now in it's fourth series and is broadcast live from stage 2 every Sunday night. The location of the studios, size of the stage and large audience capacity make it an extremely appealing environment in which to make a hit entertainment show on the scale of Dancing On Ice. In these challenging times it is a great help that Elstree Studios are able to work closely with the production ensuring that our needs can be achieved without blowing the budget. "

Elstree Studios
Mark Ward :: Production Director - Il Divo »

" Our eight days at Elstree went entirely to plan; no silliness, no dramas - lots of hard work, lots of late nights and at the end of it a fabulous production ready for its first show. Couldn't ask for more. "

Elstree Studios
Kevin Hopgood :: Production Manager - The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage »

" Elstree's facilities and staff make a huge contribution to the hard work of rehearsals for a touring show and are key to bringing a big production together. The Studios are great and the dressing room facilities are the best! We could not ask for more helpful and friendly staff in what is a very demanding time on a Production Manager. We could not do it without them. "